Setting up my website

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Setting up my website

For many years I have had a website about education, but it was in Dutch. At the moment I'm teaching in Thailand so my focus shifted from Dutch education to international/bilingual education. With a different school, education system and culture comes different interests. That is why I build this new website.

Of course there are so many websites that provide materials that teachers and parents can use for their children, so it is my challenge to bring something new to the field.

Back in the Netherlands as well as here in Thailand I observed that problem solving in mathematics is hard for the students. Here at my school in Thailand we use diagrams/bar model to visualize the problems. This will be one part I would love to discuss on my website.

Our school here is following the Montessori philosophy. Although I'm struggling with some concepts, I see the value that Maria Montessori brought to the field. With my website I will try to provide some great tools and materials based on her philosophy.

I will finish my first blog asking you to take it easy. My website is in English, but it isn't my first language. I'm doing my best to provide a website with useful materials, ideas and tools, but mistakes will be made. Please consider that I'm not fluent enough to make a website without any mistakes. I hope you find my website useful.

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