Montessori Grammar Symbols


Montessori Grammar Symbols

If you look through the lessons and courses I created you can't miss all the lessons where you see a funny colorful shape to represent the lesson or course. If you are not familiar with it, this blog post will be for you.

All the colorful shapes that you see here are based on Maria Montessori her ideas about grammar. All part of speech are visualized by a shape. Because I'm currently teaching at a school where Montessori is implemented in kindergarten I looked into this. I'm personally not teaching kindergarten, but only primary levels (grade 1 to grade 6). My classroom setting is more traditional and Montessori isn't that much implemented in these grades.

That being said, I'm using the symbols that are used in the Montessori classroom. I can see that children like grammar to be more visual. Without focusing on the difficult words like 'preposition' or 'adjective' the kids very quickly can determine what kind of word they are talking about.

I know that naming the part of speech is only a little part of grammar that is taught at school and it can't be seen as a subject on its own. I still think it helps the kids understand the structure of our language. They will see how the words relate to each other. For example they can see that articles, adjectives and nouns work together and that pronoun can replace all of those words. When going deeper into grammar the students are able to understand better how these rules effect the different words.

For example, if you don't know well how to distinguish the noun and verb students could mix up the rules where the verb and the noun get an extra s. With more knowledge of the part of speech this should be an issue that much.

Kids pick up the part of speech very quickly. My own daughter is in first grade at the moment and comfortably determines 9 part of speech in a sentence. Of course there are words she still struggles with, but the more common sentences are no problem for her. All the lessons about part of speech that I made so far are easy for her. If a second language learner in a country where there isn't much English around can do it, I bet that everyone could do it.

So I would say, please give it a try. I really believe that the kids will pick up the different part of speech very quickly. And not only that, I also think they will have fun doing it.

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