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  1. There are not many interrogative adjectives so it will not be too difficult to remember them. After practicing the next 10 sentences you will know them for sure. But there are more kinds of adjectives in there as well. Can you get all the symbols under the correct words?
  2. The possessive adjectives look like the possessive pronouns, but the difference is that they the pronouns replaced the noun and the adjectives don't. In the sentences I prepared I also put some possessive pronouns in there to learn how to distinguish the two.
  3. If we think about adjectives we quickly think of words like happy, big, long or nice. These are all attribute or predicate adjectives. In this lesson we focus only on these adjectives combined with the part of speech we learned in previous lessons.
  4. The Montessori symbol for the adjective is a dark blue triangle. We already discussed the little light blue triangle (article) and the big black triangle (noun). As you already could guess, the adjective goes together with the article and the noun. The article is in many cases referred as as an adjective, but Maria Montessori […]