Everything you need to prepare your weekly spelling tests. With worksheets, flashcards and games. 

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Maths Word Problems

Maths Word Problems

An essential part of maths but a part where many students struggle. Practice word problems using the 'bar model'. 

Practice the Maths Word Problems


What could a student do without reading skills. In my ESL class I see many students that struggle with reading. Her you can find ideas, worksheets and books for your children.
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Tutor Martin

Back in 2006 I finished my Bachelor in Education in the Netherlands. Over the years I changed schools and even changed the country I'm teaching in. 

Currently I'm teaching in Thailand at Holy Mary Udonthani School, a billingual school for Thai primary school children. An amazing challenge and fullfilling. 

Over the years I created many materials and came up with ideas that worked for me. I hope they could be helpful for you too. 


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There is always room for improvement,

Please let me know what you are looking for!

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