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Word Problems

Word Problems

The Bar Model is a highly recognized way of solving word problems. Singapore uses this as a standard teaching method and are by far the best performing country. I believe that using the Bar Model adds to their success.

With this course you can practice many different word problems. Download the questions and show it on your Interactive Whiteboard or print the questions and let the students make them by themselves.


This presentation contains 20 questions with their answers. After the question the answer is animated so the teacher can show how to use the bar model step-by-step. A great way to let students get more confident in using the Bar Model.

Besides using the powerpoint presentation on your Interactive Whiteboard you can also print it, convert it into PDF and adjust it to your needs. 


To keep this website going I ask a little bit for this presentation. Less than a cup of coffee is the price for a very useful tool for your kids. I believe it is worth the money!

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PowerPoint presentation with the questions and animated answers. The students can step-by-step see the process of using the Bar Model.

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